Q. What is the Clare Valley Wine & Wilderness Trail (CVWWT)?

A. The CVWWT is a 100km hiking trail around the Clare Valley Wine Region of South Australia. It passes close to 24 cellar doors, 4 pubs, multiple cafes and restaurants, and showcases the stunning rural and natural landscapes of the Clare Valley.

Q. Is there a cycling version of the CVWWT?

A. We had originally proposed a cycling version, however we have decided to focus on the hiking version for now. We may revisit a cycling option in the future.

Q. Can I ride a bicycle on the trail?

A. Apart from obstacles like fence stiles and steep terrain, a number of the private property owners have specifically stated that they do not want bicycles on the trail. As a result, we have assured all property owners that there will be no bikes. Taking a bike on the sections of the trail that traverse private property will seriously compromise the relationships we have with landholders, so please respect their wishes and the future of the trail by not bringing your bike on those sections.

Q. Is the trail open?

A. Yes, all stages of the trail are now complete.

Q. Is the trail open all year?

A. Yes and No. Some parts of the trail which run through private property are closed during the fire danger season. Signage will be erected at the entry points to these properties with details of a suitable detour.

Please never enter private property which is closed.  Access to private property is 100% at the discretion of the landholder.  If you ignore this, you jeopardise the whole trail and its future.

Parts of the trail which are on public land, such as roads and road reserves, will remain open, apart from the section of trail that traverses Spring Gully Conservation Park, which will be closed on Catastrophic Fire Danger Days.  Please direct any further enquiries about closures to the Park to National Parks.

Q. Where can I get a map?

A. We are making maps available online, you can download and print a map yourself, or you can use the Avenza Map App. Please see the Trail Maps page for more details.

Alternatively, if you visit the Clare Valley Wine, Food & Tourism Centre, they can normally print off a map for you.

Q. Where can I find more information on accommodation and transport options?

A. Contact the Clare Valley Wine, Food & Tourism Centre, or visit their website clarevalley.com.au

Q. How long is the trail?

A. It is 100km long and broken into 6 x 12-20km Stages.

Q. Can I take dogs on the trail?

A. While there are sections of stages of the trail that follow regular roads or other public trails (such as the Riesling Trail) which permit dogs as per normal council rules, all stages of the trail pass through private property at various points.  Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES can any dogs (even well behaved cute ones on a leash) be taken onto private property.

Landholders have generously allowed walkers onto their property on the condition that dogs will not enter. If you break this rule, you risk future access for everyone.

Q. Can I camp on the trail?

A. Currently there are no formal camping areas associated with the trail, but there are plans for some to be offered to hikers down the track.

Q. Is there phone reception along the trail?

A. Phone reception is generally very good throughout the Clare Valley, with the exception of a few black spots here and there.

Q. Are there any transport options to or from the beginning/ends of stages?

A. There are no formal transport options specifically for the trail, however Clare has taxis and tour operators who may be able to assist. If you are in a group, the easiest option is the drop a vehicle where you plan to end. You can also contact the Clare Valley Wine, Food & Tourism Centre or visit their website clarevalley.com.au, who may be able to recommend tour operators who could potentially help out.