CVWWT Stage 2 First Look

On Sunday the 4th of July a group of about 15 keen hikers gathered to test out Stage 2 of the CVWWT, which runs from Jim Barry Wines to Jeanneret Wines.

It was a stunning winters day with a few rain showers thrown in to keep us on our toes.

The stage runs through Armagh, down Emu Flat Road, Maggies Farm Road and onto Bourke & Travers Vineyard, then Leighton Rd, past Eldredge Wines, into Spring Gully Conservation Park and then ends at Jeanneret Wines who are located on the Eastern Boundary of the Conservation Park, all up it’s about 19km.

Skye, at Eldredge Wines welcomed a pack at wet and a slightly cold walkers at around the half way mark, thankfully there was no shortage of quality reds, hot chocolates and a roaring fire to warm us up.

Once thawed out we hit the trail again which runs through the Eldredge property for almost a kilometre, before popping out onto Spring Gully RD for a short hike before entering Spring Gully Conservation Park.

Harry (Jeanneret Wine maker) lead us on a great track through Ben Jeanneret’s property which ran directly to the Cellar Door, well and truly wet through by now we gathered around the open fire on the deck and enjoyed both Jeanneret Wines and Clare Valley Brewing Company Beers.

Thanks to those who have provided access to their properties along stage 2, including Peter Barry, Andrew & Page Boylan, David Travers, Amanda Hilder, Leigh Eldredge and Ben Jeanneret.



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